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Health and Safety

Immunization Policies

All families must have a medical form completed for their child prior to the child entering the Preschool, Elementary, After School Programs and Camps at the Q.  The form must include all current immunizations. The medical records are reviewed monthly by the Directors, and the families are given a minimum of two weeks notice prior to an immunization or medical form needing an update.


On the medical form there is a section for the doctor to complete on a child’s allergies.  When you go to the doctor with your child please make sure that you speak to the doctor about your observations of your child after eating certain foods, or after being exposed to certain environments.  Have the doctor indicate if there is a suspected or active allergy.  We will need a medical record of your child’s allergies. Once we know about this allergy, it is placed on an allergy list inside the classroom and where children eat or prepare food together.  The teachers are informed of the allergy as well as the symptoms or reaction, if a child is exposed to the allergen, and the necessary action to take in the case of this reaction.

If your child has an allergy, we will complete an allergy plan with you that clearly indicates the guidelines that will be followed if your child experiences an allergic reaction.  As a staff we take allergies EXTREMELY seriously and we will do everything we can to minimize the risk of exposure.

In order to create a healthy environment, and reduce the risk of exposure for severely allergic children, our school is a nut-free school.  All food items are carefully screened for peanut content as well as manufacturing on the same equipment as items that contain nuts.

If a child is eating an item on the way to school, please take it with you before they enter.  If a child will need a snack when you pick them up from school, please have the adult picking the child up have the snack with them. We are serious about keeping all of the children safe and healthy at school.

Planning Ahead for an Ill Child

As a parent choosing to place your child in a group setting, it is important to realize that young children are in the process of developing their immune systems. During the first year of attending a group setting, your child will have an average of six episodes of minor illness usually associated with viruses and colds. It is important to anticipate the fact that you will need an alternate plan for childcare when your child is ill. We realize that at times parents face a conflict between going to work and staying home with a sick child. This situation will be considerably less stressful if you think ahead and consider arrangements for when your child is not well enough to be at school.

Is My Child Well Enough to Go to School?

It is often not easy to decide in the early morning whether or not your child should go to school. Please remember that during the beginning stages of any illness, a child is highly contagious and is likely to infect other children and teachers. Our philosophy is proactive in the prevention of spreading illness and to provide the best possible care for each child in our programs.

Please note: all temporary illnesses require a 24-hour period without symptoms or symptom relieving medication (i.e. Fever reduction medication). This means if your child is sent home sick from school she/he may not return until she/he has been home for an entire day. (For example, if your child is sent home on a Tuesday, the earliest she/he may return to school would be Thursday.) Children may not return to school mid-day of the following day if they have been sent home with an illness.