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Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to switch up our “Open Studio” approach to summer camp. We are VERY excited to announce we’ll be offering a Camp experience called “Out of The Box Summer.” This time requires out of the box thinking, feeling and processing so why not come together in new ways!

Out of the Box Summer Camp 2020

July 13 – Aug 14

Please Note: We have shifted the start of camp to July 13th to ensure we have all the proper health and safety protocols in place before welcoming any students on site. 


Option 1. Out of the Box Summer Camp – (ages 5-8, 8-12)
$250 / box

Join the “Worlds of the Q”! The Q is putting together activity boxes designed for two different age groups with an emphasis on making and world creation, stepping away from computer screens and digital mediums. These boxes are designed with 2 weeks of age appropriate, screen free activities that have been thoughtfully curated by our amazing staff and educational leaders. Opening the box, you’ll find materials and instructions for 30 different adventures/activities/projects, including opportunities for small group and socially distanced meet-ups outside in the neighborhood. Your child will be invited to community moments (that are optional but available) to come and look at other children’s work, scooter with other children, or go on special hunts or encounters. With the meet ups, this option is great for campers living in or near Sunnyside (LIC, Woodside, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Maspeth) but we are able to ship the box to wherever you are or they will be available for pick up.

Box 1 – “The Lost Little World”    SOLD OUT
(Available for pick up at the Q or shipped to where you are on Saturday afternoon July 11th – Add $10 for shipping and handling)

Box 2 – “The City in the Sky”    SOLD OUT
(Available for pick up at the Q or shipped to where you are on Friday afternoon July 24th – Add $10 for shipping and handling)

Box 3 – “Ocean of the Deep”
(Available for pick up at the Q or shipped to where you are on Saturday afternoon Aug 8th – Add $10 for shipping and handling)

Option 2: Open Box Summer Camp – In Person– (for children ages 6 – 12 AND able to follow social distancing protocols)
Monday – Wednesday, 9am – 12pm
$250/box + $100/week – In Person Classes** 

Join us for the “Worlds of the Q” @ the Q! This camp option offers 3 different activities from the Worlds box per day, that will be done in person 3 mornings a week to work in small groups while still following strict health protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Your child will need to be able to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines during in person programming.

Week Options – In Person Worlds Studio (M-W, 9:00am-12pm)

Week 1: July 13 – 15 (Lost Little World)   SOLD OUT
Week 2: July 20 – 22 (Lost Little World)   SOLD OUT
Week 3: July 27 – 29 (City in the Sky) SOLD OUT
Week 4: Aug 3 – 5 (City in the Sky) SOLD OUT
Week 5: Aug 10 – 12 (Ocean of the Deep)

** If your child does one week of camp in person, you will still buy the Worlds Box that has 2 weeks worth of activities. You would take the World home for your child to finish exploring.

Option 3: Virtual Summer Camp Classes

Online camp classes will be 60 mins of live instruction.  This camp option will be operating through Zoom and Google Classroom Tuesday-Sunday. Classes run the same weeks as in person classes. Materials and supplies lists will be sent to families ahead of time.

Virtual Class Options

Ages 6-12: Cooking with Mr. Zeddy* 
4-5pm Wed. and Thurs. July 15 -Aug 13
Register by week – $40/week
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Learn how to prepare fun, healthy snacks and meals with Mr. Zeddy! This hour long cooking class is for kids ages 6-12 – where learning meets food, live discussions, and of course eating the food we cook together. Join for one week or all summer long on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons! 

All ages: Family Cooking Class with Mr. Zeddy*  REGISTRATION CLOSED
4-5pm Saturday July 18 +25th
Register for both classes – $50

This 2 part family cooking class will build on culinary nutrition, focusing on knife skills and cooking techniques. In this class, parents and children will learn side by side, allowing you to prepare and eat your dinner together as a family. Shopping lists and recipes will be sent prior to the start of the class.

(*an adult should be present to chaperone and assist if needed for both cooking classes)

Ages 5-8: The Actor’s Toolbox     REGISTRATION CLOSED
2-3pm Fri and Sun, July 13th-Aug 14
Register by week – $40/week

This class focuses on teaching basic acting skills. Actors have three tools in their toolbox: Body, Voice, and Imagination. This class is designed to explore and develop the actor’s tools in order to build theatre skills, work as a group, and build characters.

Ages 9-12: Create A Play    REGISTRATION CLOSED
2-3pm Mon/Wed/Sat, July 13th-Aug 14
Class is all 5 weeks – $300

Students will work as playwrights, directors, designers, and actors by creating their own play! Along the way they will use the essentials of acting, story structure and teamwork. This class provides students with an introduction to the elements of drama and how a play is structured while giving them complete ownership of their creation.

Ages 10+: Intro to Sword Fighting for Kids   REGISTRATION CLOSED
July 13th – Aug 14
Class is all 5 weeks – $150

Learn to fight like the Hollywood Swashbucklers!! Taught by Gabe Rosario, fight choreographer and instructor for Swordplay, this five-week course covers the footwork and blade work used by the stars of stage and screen! Parry and thrust! Lunge and recover! The class includes video-taped lessons and one-on-one real-time online sessions to be booked with the instructor prior to the start of class. Comes with a foam practice sword! Enrollment is limited.

Ages 5-7: Puppet Creation & Performance   REGISTRATION CLOSED
10-10:45am Thu/Fri, July 13th-Aug 14
Class is all 5 weeks – $200

Puppetry can be used in so many ways to tell stories, create dynamic characters, communicate ideas, and more.  In each 45 minute online workshop Z. Briggs of WonderSpark Puppets will lead all participants step-by-step in how to make and perform their own puppets in a variety of styles from basic materials you have at home.

Ages 8-12: Studio Art Class
3-4 pm Tues/Thurs/Fri, July 13th – Aug 14
Register by week – $60/week

Each week of the virtual studio art class will focus on a new medium and/or technique.  Students will learn techniques in painting, drawing, paper sculpture, pop-up book design, botanical illustration, book binding, mixed media, pen and ink and much more. Join Ms. Charisse three afternoons a week this summer and help nurture your child’s love of art and self-expression. Supplies lists will be sent out prior to the start of class.

Week 1: Watercolors – Nature & Beyond    

Create vibrant and low-key paintings with harmonious compositions. Learn various techniques including wet-on-dry, wet-on-wet, applying watercolor washes, salt and splash textures, and painting without pencils! The instructor will provide references such as still-lifes or digital images. We will have critiques where students are able to showcase work with a supportive response from the class. 

Week 2: Manga Illustration    

Manga, a Japanese-style of cartooning, is known for their lively characters with exaggerated emotions. In this class students will develop skills in drawing Manga figures highlighting areas such as facial expressions, hands, and poses. Attention will be given to the exploration of line, shading, proportion, and perspective. There will be opportunities to showcase work during supportive group critiques. 


Why is Kawaii so special? Kawaii, Japanese for cute, points to playfulness and warmth. Kawaii may be found on everything from paper cups to household kittens. But did you ever hear of Kawaii Ugly or Creepy Kawaii? Yes, we will, also, explore the dark side of Kawaii. We are interested in you sharing your story in the age of Covid-19 and our country’s quest for social justice through the Kawaii lens. 

Week 4: Bookmaking – Art Journals

Bind your own art journals and investigate creative prompts to fill the pages! Each young artist will sew books, and express ideas with mixed media materials. Skills in drawing, lettering, and collage are explored. 

Week 5: Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

Learn to engineer simple and complex pop-up paper structures. Projects focus on 3D paper sculpture techniques and 3D paper figures. Investigate positive and negative space that unfolds with the created forms.