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The Q StudioLab Tiny Explorers Program

The Q StudioLab
Tiny Explorers Program

Program Update: Tiny Explorers classes are cancelled until further notice due to the ongoing pandemic. We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy during this time!

We at the Q StudioLab know that raising a child is rewarding, powerful work, and that it takes a community to do it. We offer caregivers a chance to come together in a well-appointed space with resources that spark your child’s interest and nurture their development.

Come be part of our Tiny Explorers Community, for little ones 0-4 years old. Have a space to put down your explorer in a safe environment that will give them new experiences of nature, the arts, early math and literacy skills, music, and social interaction. We also work with you and your caregivers to give you resources about developmental milestones, age appropriate toys and activities for home, and techniques for supporting your child’s growing independence and language development.Β  Parenting and caring for children is hard work – that is why we have created a community of support – to make it a little bit easier.

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