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Lauren Travers

Founder and Director

Lauren has devoted her life to education; to improving the quality of education provided and expanding the range of students who receive a higher quality education.

She has worked directly with young people in multiple settings, including public and private schools, after school programs for children of all ages and economic backgrounds, juvenile detention centers, runaway shelters, orphanages, preschools and Head Start programs.

She has run her own successful consulting business for educational and community organizations in New York City for more than fifteen years, and developed partnerships within the educational, cultural and entrepreneurial world, including more than 300 schools in New York City.

In 2008, she founded Amazing Magic Beans Learning Center, a preschool program in Sunnyside Queens, which uses the Reggio Emilia approach and inspires children to continue to question and explore the world around them.

In 2016, she founded The Q StudioLab program to expand the preschool program while developing a new elementary school for children in Queens. The new endeavor is grounded in the 10 year success of Amazing Magic Beans and the commitment to supporting children in the development of critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills as they inherit the challenges of our world.

Lauren is an alumni of the progressive school Francis Parker School in Chicago. She is a graduate of Vassar College and of Babson School of Business where she received her MBA.