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The Q StudioLab Elementary

The Q StudioLab Elementary

The Q StudioLab Elementary Program is currently operating as a homeschool collaboration program serving children Kindergarten through 7th grade for the 2021-2022 school year. We are expanding by 1-2 grades each year and going for independent school distinction in the coming years.

In our program, students exercise their minds, hearts, and bodies daily. We recognize that children are innately curious and eager learners. All students are engaged in the learning process though project based methods and learning lab explorations in small classes of 6-14 students. We offer hands-on laboratory experiences in storytelling and literacy skills, community and social studies, math and science explorations, and bilingual programming in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. Core academic skills are embedded in all activities in our program. Students have the opportunity for real life applications as we expand our classroom into our community during our weekly adventure and community service days.