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Elementary Philosophy

The Q StudioLab Philosophy on the Importance of Rigorous Elementary Education

We believe every child needs an environment that helps them learn new ideas, test out those ideas and make them their own.  We believe that for children to learn they must grow their minds, hearts and bodies and know how to think, how to have compassion and to feel confident in themselves.  Every child has the capacity to develop skills-and every child has different strengths and challenges that they bring to learning. We focus our units and lessons on integrating the three points of the rigorous learning pyramid.  In order for a child to successfully develop strong skills they must be challenged. This challenge comes from a balance of learning concepts, procedures and applications. These three points are explored in every studio.

The curriculum is structured to give children a chance to explore and learn through hands-on activities, large group and small group discussions, reflection activities through different artistic mediums, reading and writing workshops, independent projects, large group and small group collaboration projects and field trips in the community.

Children participate in classes with professional artists and other professionals as well as with certified teachers.  The goal is for children to be challenged in their education and grow their skills while feeling confident in themselves and connected to a greater community.