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A Day In The Life For 3K & PreK Students

A Day In The Life For 3K & PreK Students

We strive to make the Q StudioLab Preschool a place where children, families and staff work together to create a learning environment that helps children feel comfortable, nurtured and inspired to learn.  Life at the Q is filled with opportunities for exploration, questioning and something we like to call Problem-Setting.   Problem-Setting gives children the opportunity to develop or “set” their own questions or “problems.” Problem-Setting is a skill we wish to build for all children in the program so that they learn to develop their own questions not only answer the questions posed by others.

In addition to Problem-Setting we develop Problem-Solving skills through hands-on experiences and work with other children.  We want children to think about questions and try out different solutions both in their interactions with materials as well as with their interactions with other people.

Each day the children who attend the Q work together with the teachers to develop other necessary qualities for being part of the change we wish to see in the world, including: Self-esteem, empathy, a sense of community, a joy of learning, an understanding that differences are to be honored, a desire to help, an ability to observe, an ability to listen, an ability to slow-down and relax,  and a sense of wonder about what is possible.

We structure the day to provide opportunities for children to work in both large and small groups as well as individually.

Highlights of the day include:

Meals:  Children have family style meals together that are prepared at the Q StudioLab. Children participate in preparing the tables for meals and have a relaxed atmosphere where they can sit and eat and talk together.

Meeting Time: Each day children gather together to discuss the work of the day and to share ideas about questions they are exploring.

Activity Time: The teachers create curriculum on a daily basis that are centered on the developing interests and skills of the children in their classroom, and during activity time the children engage with that curriculum. During this time, teachers observe carefully and make note of what their students are drawn to, what they are talking about as they learn and play, and what the next step is in developing their ideas in the classroom.

Outside Time: Whether it is going on walks to explore our neighborhood, going to the local playground, or taking trips to the library, we love to explore the world together!

Special Activities: The Q StudioLab Preschool offers opportunities for students to learn and grow in many capacities. The Q offers special music and drama classes, cooking activities, dance parties and games in their classrooms. We have reintroduced inviting parents to come in and do special activities with students, including cooking, reading, and art projects.